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Licence Here is the leader online store in all what is related to pets, Our mission is to satisfy our loyal clients for this we provide the best e-commerce experience, licencehere.com is the leader online shop for pets dogs and cats, we sell Dog’s accessories, everything your dog needs you will find it in our online shop with reasonable prices and good quality.
We look always for the best products while respecting our standards: quality. low prices. availability.
With many years of experience in the direct partnership between the supplier of the manufacturer and our clients, to satisfy the requirements, all orders are handled with care, we only sell fresh, unopened products.

Our customer service will keep an eye on the entire process of sales. The team is always ready and willing to assist you,

repair and restore your returns, and listen to your grievances.

Our support community adheres to its guidelines.

Contact Information :

Email: contact@jakeid.com
Phone: +447424567276
Address: 10A Bracken Ave, Newcastle BT33 0HG, Royaume-Uni