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Jake ID in Cool, California 95614

Protect and Identify all your outdoor gear.

We weave your information into the webbing. Soft, flexible, and duriabile.

It will never come off no matter what the outdoor use. Lifetime warranty*

Computerized a loom in my garage when living in San Diego. Built up the company with 150 pet stores accross the country. Small mom and pop stores as well as major national chains. All before the internet.

My wife wanted to move away from the suburbs. She wanted to move back to Northern California. I said, 'move anywhere you want but the property needs two things. A horseshoe pit and a shop'. She found both, I moved without seeing the property.

The wholesale business grew for many years, other opportunities outside the business took more of my time. A few years back I decided to dust off the equipment and sell directly to the customers of our products as well as still working with wholesalers.

We stand behind our products. We have a lifetime warranty on the information woven into the webbing. It will never come off, no matter what the outdoor use. If the nylon webbing fails, return the product (so we can evaluate why it failed), we will send you a new product at no cost. We have never had one fail in over 20 years of production. We have goofed and misspelled a few times, but quickly made it right.

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